Friday, 27 June 2014

RCNE Launch of Kilimanjaro 2015 Climb (2nd-8th January 2015)

Save the Dates!!

Purpose of Climb: Fundraising

There will be a series of trainings gearing up for the main climb 2nd-8th January 2015
  •  Saturday 5th July-1st  day of training !! Main entrance -Nairobi Arboretum at 9am

Registered participants:

1. Moses Mwaura - coordinator
2. Carole Kimutai
3. Joe Otin
4. Frankie Ndetei
5. Nana Wanjau
6. Dennis Awori
7. Judith Githae
8. Sharon Wanyeki
9. Peter Mbui
10. Lawrence Ngamau
11. Caroline Njihia

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

2014 President Carole Kimutai Induction Night 

Rotary Club of Nairobi East 2014/5 Directors

Rotary Club of Nairobi East 2014/5 Directors

Club President – Rtn. Carole Kimutai
President Elect & Membership Director – Rtn. Nana Wanjau
Attendance Officer – Gladys Kimani
Service Projects Director – Rtn. Mark Carey
Fundraising Directors – Rtn. Joe Kamau and Amb. Dennis Awori
Secretary – Rtn. Yvonne Gachugi
Treasurer – Rtn. Amrit Soar
Immediate Past President – Rtn. Vijay Srivatsava
Club Administration – Rtn. George Mathenge and Rtn. Neena Handa
Sergeant At Arms – Rtn. Kadri Humal-Ayal and Rtn. Souvik Banerjee
Service Director – Rtn. Mark Carey
Rotary Foundation Directors – Rtn. Peter Mbui & Rtn. Paul Mwai
Vocational Service Director – Rtn. Judith Githae
New Generations/Youth Director – Rtn. Patrick Ngugi
Family of Rotary Directors – Rtn. Chaya Ramchurn and Rtn. Elaine Wacuka Hurt 
Public Relations/Marketing Directors – Rtn. Winnie Mwangi and Rtn. Diana Mulili
On-to Diani/Sao Paulo Officer – Rtn. Sharon Wanyeki
Speaker Secretary – Rtn. Carolyn Gathua
Club Trainer – Rtn. Vijay Srivastsava
Club Administration Officer – Victor Sitati

Members of RC Nairobi East

1 George  Ooko 30 Helen Kithinji
2 Neena Handa 31 Stefan Kauder
3 Arun Mathur 32 Kate Kibarah
4 Lawrence Ngamau 33 Elaine Wacuka Hurt
5 Joe Otin 34 Francesca Kinyua-Ndetai
6 Duncan Muriuki 35 Carolyne Njihia
7 Paul Mwai 36 Joёl Lehmann
8 Moses Mwaura 37 Vivienne Atieno
9 Florence Nyokabi 38 Maureen Waihenya
10 Nana Wanjau 39 Amrit Soar
11 James Wilson 40 Patrick Ngugi
12 Vijay Srivastava 41 Vincent Ogega
13 Peter Mbui 42 Sharon Wanyeki
14 George Mathenge 43 Joe Kamau
15 Beatrice Thairu 44 Yvonne Gachugi
16 Tom Wolf 45 Mark Carey
17 Gladys Kimani 46 Joyce Gachugi
18 Grace Njoroge 47 Kadri Humal-Ayal
19 Winnie Mwangi 48 Caroline Ngugi
20 Souvik Banerjea 49 Judith Githae
21 Dorcas Muthoni 50 Amb. Dennis Awori
22 Chavan Narayan 51 Carolyne Githae
23 Dan Awendo 52 Chaya Ramchurn
24 Diana Mulili 53 Ben Bellows
25 Carole Kimutai 54 Jessica Pekke 
26 Makena Mathiu
27 Mercy Kuria
28 Lilly  Oyare
29 Saeed Chaudri

About Rotary Club of Nairobi East


- The Club was Chartered in November 1990.
We are a "rainbow" club with members from all races.
- We have 45 active members.
- We meet every Tuesday 1-2pm at the Nairobi Club - located near the Kenya National Library.
- Email us:  

Our projects:
Maasai Water Project – Kajiado County
To support the provision of clean water, Rotary Club of Nairobi East helped with the construction of boreholes, rainwater harvesting tanks and construction and repair of water piping between 2011-2013. This was done in partnership with the Rotary Club of New Port / USA and a local community based organization (POWER – Pastoralist Organization for Water and Environment Research). There was financial support from a Global Grant worth $200,000, a club in Japan, and smaller grants from The Rotary Foundation. A project visit in late August 2013 showed a fully operational borehole with a solar-operated water pump near the Leshuta Primary school in Kajiado Central. The beneficiaries include several hundred school children, cattle, and private households who can save the time it takes for a walk of several kilometers to fetch water from a river or well.

Some Members of the Rotary Club of Nairobi East

Felicitations Madame President Carol Kimutai

Carol Looking forward to the new Rotary year under your leadership !!